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Department of Entomology


Department of Entomology is one of the major departments of The University of Haripur in the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences. It was established in 2018 and since then it is striving to gain excellence in teaching as well as research. The major areas of research are insect taxonomy, pollination biology, biological control, ecology, toxicology and integrated pest management. We offer diverse courses in various disciplines of Entomology at Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. level.  The Department has established an Insect Museum, where a moderate collection of insect specimens are housed.

Program Mission
To conduct high quality teaching, problem oriented research and technology transfer in the field of entomology to help farmers in reducing crop damages by pests......
Computer Applications Developed by Entomology Department

Abid's Trackmove

Abid's Trackmove is a windows-based computer application developed for assisting the monitoring of walking speed and pattern of insects and other arthropods.
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Research Econolyzer

Research Econolyzer is a software designed to perform marginal analysis on the research data intended to make recommendations to the farmers.
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Unit Calculator

Unit Calculator has been developed for conversion of basic and derived units commonly used in agricultural research.
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