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 Entry Test Results Announced
Supplementary Advertisement for M.S Mathematics and M.S / MBA (1.5) in Management Science Admissions (Fall-2018)

Note: All test qualified candidates are advised to report their respective departments along with all original documents for finalization of their admission process.
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Department of Management Sciences

(In The Market: Learning business by doing business) Activity during SP16 organized by Department of Management Sciences, University of Haripur

To become a swimmer, one must enter the water. Similarly, to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur, students must be given the chance to practically exercise their business knowledge and skills in the actual market environment.

A three days market activity was designed in the subject of Entrepreneurship to realize the students about their entrepreneurial potential. This activity has proved to be a great value addition to our department.  

The main objectives of this activity were to:

  • provide actual market exposure to the students
  • purge the mind of students from the business and market fears which act as mental barriers
  • provide them an opportunity to exercise their business skills and knowledge
  • provide a platform where students can know their real strengths and weaknesses in terms of a businessman and an entrepreneur
  • develop a complete business acumen in students
  • build capacity for trade, business and entrepreneurial opportunities arising from CPEC

The results and outcomes of this activity were phenomenal in terms of:

  • developing entrepreneurial mindset
  • enhancing business learning
  • developing right attitude required for becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • building confidence as a businessman and entrepreneur
  • improving interpersonal communication
  • acting as a stimulus for business startups

The major activities performed by the students in this project were:

  • Selecting products and their buying and selling along with brand development
  • Target market identification
  • Investment
  • Initial group meeting
  • Market research and its output:
  • Developing business goals and strategy
  • Selection of a suitable market place for doing business
  • Supplier selection and procurement strategy
  • Promotional and distribution strategy
  • Developing financial statements
  • Identifying major challenges and developing strategies to deal with challenges:
  • SWOT analysis of business

The summary of the activity is as follows:
Classes engaged: BBA IV A, B & C, BBA VIII A, BCS VIII A & B (IT)
Total no. of students engaged: 126
Total investment of all groups: Rs 337620/-
Total net profit of all groups: Rs 321570/-
Average profit per student: Rs 2592/-

Table 1:
Showing summary of all groups

Sr# Group name Product/Service Business type Total investment (Rs.) Net Profit earned (Rs.)
1 A.SKY Cosmetics & Dresses Retailing 16000 3380
2 Look@me Lady dresses Retailing 12000 5900
3 Nayab Event Planners Meena Bazar Services 24000 223400
4 ARH Juices, Milk pack, Carbonated drinks Retailing 8500 750
5 RAJ chips Potatoes and Fried chips Retailing/ services 9000 6000
6 DEsI LoOK Waist coats & jewelry Retailing 9000 2520
7 SMART mobiles Q-Mobiles Whole selling 20000 1500
8 RANQ Beverages, confectionary Whole selling 8000 2881
9 Classic mobiles Used mobiles Whole selling 15000 4000
10 G&P Kachaloo /Gol gappy Services 10000 20000
11 AIM Dresses Replica brand Retailing 12000 4000
12 Awesome Nimko, Juices Whole selling / Retailing 8000 800
13 HUI Tees Customized T-shirts Retailing & whole selling 39000 7000
14 32 Batti Energy saver bulbs Retailing 14600 6150
15 Cuick Qlicks Selfie sticks Retailing 12000 5300
16 ZEEs T-shirts & Lip gloss Retailing 15250 1750
17 SAAAW Glasses Retailing 13500 5370
18 Dream bags Bags Retailing 12000 6500
19 SAWF Vegetables & Female accessories Retailing 8520 3000
20 SMART Dahi baley& Female accessories Retailing 12500 4000
21 MAKS Female dresses Retailing 8000 1900
22 STYLE In Stoles & Cosmetics Retailing 8000 1500
23 Fashion wear Fancy glasses Retailing 8000 1300
24 3 stars Mobile accessories Whole selling & retailing 10000 1000
25 Tarbela Fish Fresh fish Whole selling & retailing 12000 2000
26 O3 Tech Computer Accessories Retailing 10250 395
27 Be Stylish T-shirts, Pants & ties Retailing 12500 250
28 BAASH LU continental biscuits Whole selling 10000 -976

Mr. Imran Qadir (Departmental Focal Person, Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation) designed and organized the activity under the guidance of Mr. Shiraz Khan, Head, Department of Management Sciences, University of Haripur.