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Department of Agricultural Sciences

Discovery of New-to-Science insect species from Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Assistant Professor and Mr. Fazlullah (graduate of Agricultural Sciences, now serving at NARC, Islamabad) have discovered two new-to-science moth species Macdunnoughia (Puriplusia) fazlullahi ORHANT n. sp. (Fig. 1-3) and Chrysorabdia pakistana n. sp. (Fig. 4-5) from district Swat, a northwestern part of Pakistan. To date, 22 Plusiinae species are known in Pakistan, among which 2 species are reported as new-to-science. The Plusiinae are a subfamily of Noctuidae comprising three well-defined tribes: Abrostolini, Argyrogrammatini and Plusiini. The district of Swat is a mountainous region at the foot of Hindukush, at an altitude ranging from 600 to 6000 m crossed by the Swat river receptacle glacier melt water necessary for the presence of forests, meadows and verdant plains. The name of this species was derived in honor of Mr. Fazlullah due to his contribution to the collection of this new insect.

The identification and authentication of this species was done by Georges E.R.J. ORHANT (“Chrysalide”-20 chemin Les Rives F-62170 WAILLY-BEAUCAMP, Paris France).