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Supplementary Advertisement for M.S Mathematics and M.S / MBA (1.5) in Management Science Admissions (Fall-2018)

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Department of Management Sciences

One Day Seminar on “Challanges & The Way Forward for Muslim Ummah

A one day seminar was arranged on the subject by the courtesy of Creative Bachelors Society in Al-Razi Hall, Department of Environmental Sciences U.O.H.   Students from all the departments attended it. 
Resource Person.
Prof Dr. Arshad Qayyum.


  • To introduce the importance of Islam.
  • Importance of Islam in education system.
  • Character building of students through the teachings of Islam.
  • How to keep balance in studies & lives of students.
  • To realize the students that they are the future of Ummah.
  • To create awareness amongst students about the necessity and awareness of Religion Islam in their lives.
  • To inculcate the necessity of Islam based merit & avoid cheating.
  • To pledge neither the degree will be taken or awarded through corruption.
  • To create awareness to compete others on the basis Hard Work, knowledge & skills.
  • Education plays pivotal role in building the economy & success of a nation.

Chief Guest was received by Pattern-in-Chief and presented him Bouque. Seminar  started with the recitation of some verses of Holy Quran.  Members of the Society introduced the Chief Guest to the audience.  The Chief Guest was invited to speak on the topic and throw light on its importance.  

At the start of his lecture, the Chief Guest opined that Islam is a practical religion and has a complete code of life which teaches the importance of truth, fair-play, hard work, free of corruption and respect of others human-beings and above all Teachers.  With these teachings, the real Islamic Rulers made a history, which is remembered by the whole world to date.Islam stressed upon the need of Merit and through this method Islam prevailed upon the whole world and produced the renowned leaders.

As and when the Muslim Ummah set aside the teachings of Islam and Islam Rulers indulged in the corruption, bribery, cheating and un-fair means, thus, the down fall faced by the whole Muslim Ummah.   Even in the field of education corruption started and degrees are being awarded to those students who have no ability.  On the basis of these degrees, the fate of Ummah is going in the hands of corrupt persons.  Thus, the whole nation is suffering because instead of progress, the nation is lagging behind and begging from the other nations who learnt the lesson of Islam which is based on fair-play and became the leaders of world. Moreover, the Islam teaches the simplicity.  When the Islamic Rulers ignored these teachings and adopted the method of Non-Muslim Rulers, they faced defeat on all the borders, either in loss of land or in the field of Education.  At the end the Guest of Honour stressed upon that the students are our future, as the fate of Ummah is in their hands.  So the students of must adopt the policy of fair-play, leave the method of corruption and take the degrees on the basis of “Merit”.  Thus, the Muslim Ummah will lead teach the lesson to other nations in all walks of lives. In the last, the HOD of Islamic & Religious Studies, Dr. Abdul Muhamin awarded Shield to the Chief Guest.

Objectives Achieved.

  • The students realized the importance of merit and fair-play.
  • Faculty Members also realized the need of merit and fair-play, as per Teachings of Islam.
  • It proved that alongwith other curricular activities Creative Bacholers Society also promotes the Islamic values through seminars.