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Closing ceremony of All Pakistan Pitching Research Competition (APPRC) 2017-1

The University of Haripur (UoH), Pakistan organized the closing ceremony of All Pakistan Pitching Research Competition (APPRC) 2017-18 at Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad on Monday 10th September 2018 in which the top performing research scholars were awarded with certificates and cash prizes. Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director, HEC was the Chief Guest of the occasion while Prof. Dr. Robert Faff from University of Queensland (UQ), Australia was the Guest of Honor.
APPRC 2017-18 was a first of its kind research competition in Pakistani research history and UoH was its prime initiator. This unique competition was launched with the support of UQ, Australia (which is amongst top 50 universities of the world). Prof. Dr. Abid Farid (Vice Chancellor, UoH), Prof. Robert Faff (UQ, Australia), Mr. Imran Qadir (Coordinator APPRC 2017-18) and Mr. Ihtisham Abdul Malik (UQ, Australia) were the key figures behind this competition. The main purpose behind this competition was to uplift quality research in Pakistan.  A total of 105 research students (Masters/PhD) from more than 20 Pakistani universities including LUMS, IBA, Quaid I Azam University, National Textile University, Institute of space & Technology, International Islamic University, NUST, Forman Christian College University, Air University, University of Central Punjab, COMSATS, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Foundation Unviersity, etc. participated in this competition and were subsequently evaluated by more than 25 local and International experts. The winner of this competition was Ms. Tuba Ejaz from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. Ms. Andleeb Malik from Foundation University, Islamabad was the runner-up while Ms. Sadiqa Kiani from UoH secured 3rd position.

Dr. Abid Farid being host, delivered welcome address to the honorable guests and discussed the whole journey of Pitching Research. He appreciated the untiring efforts of Mr. Imran Qadir (UoH) and Mr. Ihtisham Abdul Malik (UQ). He further appreciated the support given by Prof. Robert Faff from UQ, Australia. Now, How did this start? Mr. Imran Qadir and Ihtisham Malik discussed the Pitching Research and its importance for Pakistani research community. A Webinar of Prof Robert Faff on Pitching Research was arranged by UoH in May 2016 and subsequently Dr. Abid Farid and research faculty discussed the possibility of Pitching Template as official synopsis format for Masters and PhD. A Committee was formed under Advance Studies and Research Board (ASRB) for adoption of Pitching Template as UoH synopsis format in Fall 2018 and in early 2017, the Academic council of UoH approved Pitching template as the official synopsis format. In April, an online workshop was conducted by Prof. Robert for capacity building of UoH research faculty. Pitching Research Competitions at UQ were happening and UoH wanted their novice researchers to participate and thats how a competition was planned for UoH. but later on we ended up launching it all over Pakistan in the form of APPRC 2017-18 with the purpose of introducing this concept to the Pakistani Research community. The response was amazing. Now we are planning to make it much bigger and this time with HEC support we hope that we will reach out to each and every University/HEIs in Pakistan.
Winners of this competition were allowed to share their views about the effectiveness of pitching research concept and their experience of APPRC 2017-18. They found Pitching template to be a very effective tool in addressing a research question. Following gave their talk:

  1. Tuba Ejaz (1st prize Winner, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore)
  2. Andleep Malik (2nd Prize Winner, Foundation University)
  3. Sadiqa Kiani (3rd Prize Winner, The University of Haripur)
  4. Kiran Tariq Rajput (Top 10 Winner, Sukkur IBA University)

Mentors of the winners of this competition also shed light on the usefulness of pitching research concept and how APPRC 2017-18 has become a very valuable innovation for the Pakistani research community. This unique platform had a refreshing/revitalizing effect on research being carried out in academic institutions. They were highly obliged to UoH and Prof. Faff for “Train The (Pitching Research) Trainers” interactive session from 1100hrs to 1300hrs on the same day which made their visit more productive in terms of understanding the concept in detail. Following research mentors expressed their views:

  1. Dr. Rahila Akhtar (Supervisor 1st Winner from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore)
  2. Dr. Sadaf Ayub (Supervisor of 3rd position holder from, The University of Haripur)
  3. Dr. Imran Shafiq (Supervisor of a student among Top 30, COMSATS Lahore)

Being evaluator of this competition, Dr. Shoaib Khan (Assistant Professor, The University of Haripur) was of the view that Pitching template stands alone with respect to its conciseness, structure, logic and dimensions. It is an effective tool for a novice researcher to think about the most critical aspects of a research problem right from inception. He was of the view that APPRC 2017-18 has given a motivation much needed for novice researchers struggling to find the right direction. He argued that Pitching template provides the right tool for a research scholar to connect with his supervisor, a mentor with a novice researcher and an evaluator with a novice researcher and his mentor.

While addressing to the occasion, the chief guest Dr. Arshad Ali appreciated UoH for this amazing initiative based on Pitching Research concept. He specially congratulated Mr. Imran Qadir, Coordinator APPRC 2017-18 and his team for their untiring efforts in building such an amazing platform for novice researchers in Pakistan. He announced HEC to be the prime partner in the coming round of APPRC 2018-19 while UoH, Pakistan and UQ, Australia will be the foundation partners. He further announced that HEC will ensure participation of all universities of Pakistan in the coming round and will link HEC’s Startup Research Grant for the winners of this competition (the details will be announced later on). He further stressed upon the vital importance of this platform for the struggling early career researchers who are most vulnerable in their research careers and that pitching research concept helps them to focus on the key dimensions of a research problem right from inception and guide them to progress in an efficient way.
Prof. Robert Faff shed some light on the usefulness of pitching template for the Pakistani research community and offered his services for capacity building of Pakistan research faculty. He also mentioned his meeting to be very productive with HEC regarding Pitching research initiative in Pakistan. He was delighted by the support shown by The University of Haripur and HEC in arranging APPRC 2017-18. He was also thankful to HEC and UoH for holding the closing ceremony and allowing him to connect with the students and faculty from all over Pakistan. UQ, Australia sponsored a total prize pool of PKR 160,000/- which was distributed among the top 10 finalists.

Dr. Arshad Ali and Prof. Robert Faff distributed certificates and souvenirs among the winners, mentors, evaluators and organizers of this competition. Dr. Abid Farid presented shield to Dr. Arshad for being the Chief Guest for the closing ceremony of APPRC 2017-18. Dr. Abid Farid presented shield to Prof. Robert Faff fro being the Guest of Honor. Dr. Arshad Ali presented shields to Mr. Imran Qadir (Coordinator APPRC 2017-18 UoH, Pakistan) and Mr. Ihtisham Abdul Malik (Coordinator APPRC 2017-18 UQ, Australia).

The ceremony concluded with a group photo, vote of thanks and refreshments for the guests.