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Department of Earth Sciences

Chapter Opening Ceremony of All Pakistan Geoscientists Association (APGA)

About APGA:
Founded for the precise reason of bridging the gap between the Exploration & Production (E&P) industry and the academia of Earth and Environmental sector.

Purpose of APGA’s UoH Chapter:
Department of Geology aims at providing a forum to unite a group of extremely devoted, competent and energetic multi – disciplinary professionals along with our talented students, presenting a perfect blend of youth & experience. Opening of APGA’s Chapter at UoH Campus is the first step towards this initiative.

Following officaials participated in AGPA
CEO of All Pakistan Geoscientists Association (APGA) Mr. Aadil Naseer, Muzammil Malik (Chairman Academia Liaison of APGA), Faculty, guest resource persons and students of Department of Geology.