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Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management

The Spring Tree planting 2019 by UOH at Punjab Group of Colleges Swat chowk Haripur

Every country needs 25% of forest for their smooth economy. More forests mean good the ecosystem, quality of human life and various economic opportunities. Trees help stop global warming by reducing greenhouse gases. They reduce soil erosion and water pollution.  They provide habitat for wildlife. They improve human health by producing oxygen and improving air quality
One tree absorbs over a ton of harmful greenhouse gases over its lifetime, produces enough oxygen for four people every day and provides the equivalent cooling effect of ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

Group 5 students of Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, the University of Haripur took initiative of Spring Tree Planting 2019 at Punjab Group of Colleges, Haripur. The purpose of this tree plantation was to express in brief topics:

  1. Increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are indicators of global warming. Trees are crucial to the sequestration,
  2. Improve water quality and reduce erosion.
  3.  Give songbirds a home and provide food for all kinds of wildlife.
  4. Trees remove air pollution primarily by uptake of pollutants via leaf stomata (pores on the outer “skin” layers of the leaf)
  5. Provide shade in summer and a windbreak in winter, thereby reducing your cooling and heating costs.
  6. Parks and trees will become an even more vital component of urban life. We must respect them and protect them for the future.
  7. Trees clean the air by absorbing harmful chemicals such as nitrogen oxide and removing dust particles from the air by absorbing them in their leaves.
  8. During windy and cold seasons, trees act as windbreaks. A windbreak can lower home heating bills up to 30%. A reduction in wind can also reduce the drying effect on other vegetation behind the windbreak. Trees increase property values:
  9. Real estate values increase when trees beautify a property or neighborhood. Trees can increase the property value of your home by 15% or more.

Following is the brief information and ceremonial evidence (photos) of the third group students on Spring Tree planting 2019 Initiative.

Group #

Planting Site with details

Target community members



Punjab group of colleges, swat chowk, Haripur
Total 25 plants. Fruiting plants including, orange, guava and non-fruiting plants including, Alstonia.


Attended by Dr. Ahmad Hussain sahib A.P and
Sir Dedar murad