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Department of Environmental Sciences

Public Defense Seminar of Miss Naureen Aurangzeb (Ph.D Scholar) Department of Environmental Sciences, First lady Ph.D Graduate of The University of Haripur.

Ms. Naureen Aurangzeb, Ph.D Scholar at the Department of Environmental Sciences, The University of Haripur, successfully defended her PhD dissertation.
Ms. Naureen Aurangzeb presented her findings regarding the elimination of heavy metals from the contaminated soils of Hattar industrial estate through the use of native plants in consortium with bacteria.

She completed her research under supervision of Dr. Abdullah Khan, Assistant Professor, department of Environmental Sciences, The University of Haripur, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Haripur, Prof. Dr. Anwar ul Hassan Gilani, Dean of Science and Social Sciences Students, research scholars, students from departments of the University, along with the Director of Advanced Studies and Research Board and Quality Enhancement Cell attended the defense seminar.

Dr. Hizbullah Khan, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Peshawar and Dr. Sheikh Saeed Ahmad, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Fatima Jinnah Woman University, Rawalpindi were present as National examiners in defense seminar. Prof. Dr. Anwar ul Hussain Gilani, Vice-Chancellor, the University of Haripur congratulated Ms. Naureen Aurangzeb and his supervisor Dr. Abdullah Khan on successfully completing the degree. VC, the University of Haripur said that despite of limited resources at the universities in Pakistan the graduating student has proofed high quality and hard work of the university faculty. Moreover he appreciated Ms. Naureen Aurangzeb for presenting a sustainable, eco-friendly, cost effective microbe- assisted plant solution for the reclamation of contaminated soils of developing countries like Pakistan. Head, department of Environmental Sciences, The University of Haripur, Dr. Tariq Khan added that it is a pride the department that she is the first Ph.D of the department as well as the First Lady to complete her Ph.D from the University of Haripur. He thanked the participants of the seminar and congratulate on successful dissertation defense.