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 Entry Test Results Announced
Supplementary Advertisement for M.S Mathematics and M.S / MBA (1.5) in Management Science Admissions (Fall-2018)

Note: All test qualified candidates are advised to report their respective departments along with all original documents for finalization of their admission process.
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Department of Psychology

Academic Calendar (Year 2017-2018)

19th February 2018 - 22nd June 2018
Details Event
Registration 12th-16th  February, 2018
Commencement of Classes 19th February, 2018
ADHD Workshop 18th March, 2018
Female Entrepreneur Training (Dr. Najia) 22nd March, 2018
Pakistan Color Day (wear green & white) 22rd March, 2018
Pakistan Day 23rd March, 2018
Workshop Conducting and Writing Review of Literature by Dr. Sobia Masood 29th March, 2018
Psychological Testing-I (Ms. Sameena H. K.) 5th April, 2018
Psychological Testing-II (Ms. Sameena H. K.) 12th April, 2018
Mid Term Exam 16th -20th April, 2018
SPSS Training Workshop 26th April, 2018
Study Tour/TBA 30th April, 2018
Labor Day 1st May, 2018
Initial Screening and Diagnostic/Therapeutic Report Writing by Shazia Malik 3rd May, 2018
Faculty Lecture Hour (Mr. Sajid Alvi) 10th May, 2018
Study Abroad without a Scholarship (Dr. Najia) 17th May, 2018
Faculty Lecture Hour (Ms. Andleeb Akhtar) 24th May, 2018
Departmental Picture Day 28th May, 2018
Last day of classes 8th June, 2018
Clearance days 11th-13th June, 2018
Terminal Exam 14th - 22nd June, 2018
Result Preparation 25th - 26th June, 2018
Display of Result 27th June, 2018
Summer Break 2nd July-17th August, 2018
Independence Day 14th August, 2018


Fall Semester 2017
20th September 2017 - 29th January, 2018
Details Event
Orientation Classes 11th-15th September, 2017
Commencement of Classes 20th September, 2017
Semester Rules Orientation 25th September, 2017
New Students’ Welcome 5th October, 2017
Department’s 7th Birthday 13th October, 2017
Faculty Lecture Hour (Ms. Sameena H.K) 26th October, 2017
PSY-Colors (Painting competition) 2nd November, 2017
Faculty Lecture Hour (Mr. Sajid Alvi) 9th November, 2017
Allama Iqbal Day 9th November, 2017
PSY-Sports 16th November, 2017
Mid Term Exam 20th-24th November, 2017
Study Tour TBA
SPACM Lecture 30th November, 2017
Faculty Lecture Hour (Ms. Andleeb Akhtar) 7th December, 2017
SPACM Address by Dr. Muhamin 14th December, 2017
PSY-Quiz 21st December, 2017
Quaid-e-Azam Day 25th December, 2017
Faculty Lecture Hour (Dr. Najia) 28th December, 2017
HEC Digital Library Training Session 4th January, 2018
Last day of classes 12th January, 2018
Clearance Days 15th-18th January, 2018
Terminal Exam 22nd-29th January, 2018
Result Preparation 30th Jan-1st February, 2018
Display of Result 2nd  February, 2018
Sports Week 05th-10th February, 2018