Department of Geology

Aims and Objectives

  • Providing high level teaching and facilitating goal-oriented quality research.
  • Building up friendly learning environment & facilities that leads to student’s success.
  • Prepare students to understand and safely manage earth and its resources for the future.
  • Train researchers and scholars according to new developments in the field of earth and environmental sciences, therefore developing the most suitable and active curriculum according to needed changes.
  • Establish Master/M.Phil. and PhD and other programs in the relevant discipline in accordance with the standard and requirements of HEC and University of Haripur.
  • Create suitable environment and opportunities for faculty members to demonstrate and develop their skills and talent in research and teaching.
  • Maintain and expand advanced laboratories and equipment.
  • Promote cooperation and inter disciplinary relationship with other teaching and research institutions on national level.
  • Establishing and strengthening exchange programs with recognized international universities and institutes.
  • Arrange conferences, seminars and refresher courses for the development of teaching and research.
  • Conduct research in such particular disciplines as is assigned to by the government in consultation with the University of Haripur.
  • Act within international and national environmental issues concerning global climate change and environmental sustainability.
  • Following up and adopting future development in geosciences and environmental Sciences
  • Setting up productive and long term relationship with departmental graduates.
  • Enhancing outreach information about geosciences in order to achieve social support and back-up.




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