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Agricultural Sciences


Prof. Dr. Ayub Khan assumsed the charge of 1st Chairman, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Haripur on July 11th, 2016. Dr. Khan has rich experience of Agriculture research, education and administration positions for more than 28 years. He published more than 60 research papers, 49 monograph, 25 bulletins. Dr. Khan supervised 1st PhD of Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Haripur, 10 M.Phil scholars and 20 Agriculture graduates. He worked in numerous research projects. Dr. Khan has membership of different societies; Pakistan Journal of Weed Sciences, Pakistan Botanical Society, Pakistan Society of Agronomy and Associate editor of International Journal of Applied Research, Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies, Advance Research Journal of Agricultural Science. Currently he is member of the different statutory bodies at University of Haripur; Syndicate, Acadamic Council, Board of Faculty, Convener, Board of Studies.


Professor Dr. Ayub Khan
Department of Agriculture Sciences