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Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management

HOD's Message

It gives me pleasure to introduce you to the newly established Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management at University of Haripur, Pakistan. Here the students are provided with a field-based education that balances basic and applied research in the forestry and wildlife. Students are engaged in hands-on fieldwork, visits and tours covering almost all forest types and agro-ecological zones of the homeland throughout the year at Department.

The purpose of the Department of Forestry and Wildlife is to demonstrate the standard principles of natural resources management applicable to a forestry and wildlife anywhere in the world, especially in Pakistan. We pay particular attention to conservation and management of all forests and indigneous and migratory wildlife species alike. Our research focuses on contributing to environmentally sound methods to diversify local and country economy by producing sustainability in forests and wildlife resources. Our faculty promotes healthy debate, interchange of ideas, and problem solving in teaching, research, and outreach programs that include fieldwork, trips and internships with management and research organizations, and studies at long-term Forestry and Wildlife Research. We offer graduate and undergraduate degrees in Forestry and Wildlife Management, preparing and enabling students to work as professional foresters. HEC approved Curricula for each degree is being followed and both B.S (Hons) and M.Phil in Forestry and Wildlife Management programs are in line with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


Mr. Muhammad Saad Khan
Assistant Professor / Head of Department
Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management
The University of Haripur.