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Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics

HODs Message

The Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics is a department of the Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences and it has been established as an independent department in November 2016. Currently there are 4 Assistant professor and lecturers. The department intends to offer a variety of programs leading to both undergraduate and graduate degrees in traditional and applied mathematics. The Department is responsible for the teaching of graduate students within the Department and mathematics courses in all other departments within the University. Besides teaching, the Department also emphasizes on research. Faculty members conduct research in Fuzzy and Classical algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, modeling, and numerical analysis, mathematical biology and Graph theory with Applications. The detail about the research directions of the members of the Department can be found in their individual portal. The department has already attracted three foreign faculties who are expected to arrive by September 2017.



Dr. M. Kamran Alam
Head of Department
Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics
The University of Haripur.