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 Revised Admission Schedule MPhil / PHD Program - Fall 2017
Last date for fee submission : 15-September 2017
Commencement of Classes : 20-September 2017

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 Entry Test Result for MS Computer Science Admissions Fall 2017

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Department of Information Technology

Industry Linkages

University-industry links and their potential role in innovation must be seen as part of a complex system. University-industry links are only one part of the sources of knowledge from which the business sector derives information on technologies relevant to their production process and competitive position. In developing university it is important to recognize the distinctive ‘public space' role that universities can place and not just focus on those particular issues relevant to licensing, spinouts and R&D expenditure

The activities to be carried out by the IT-UOH towards meeting its objectives include;

  • Study on "Survey on Skill Needs and Capabilities of UoH and the Industrial Sector."
  • Prepare and conduct summer courses for students/faculty/industrial personnel.
  • Organize seminars and workshops on recent industrial issues
  • Organize educational visits and vacation jobs for students.
  • Conduct research activities on already identified problems of industry and promote and co-ordinate research activities in the institute of Technology.