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Department of Public Health

Mission & Scope

Institutional Mission:
Provision of the best possible quality higher education with prime focus on the development of well-trained and skilled human resource in various disciplines through high class teaching and research.

Departmental Mission:
To provide quality education in the field of public health, enable the graduates to guide the departments and working for public health and community about the disease / illness, prevention and Control.

Public health is the science and art of preventing and monitoring the spread of diseases and promoting the health safety measures by organized efforts of society. Well-being is main goal of public health including biological, physical and mental health. Chemotherapy mainly focuses on the health of individual whereas public health focuses on the measures and health policies of public in the aggregate. To cope this broad spectrum and challenging goal public health professionals engage in a broad range of functions involving biological sciences, technology, social sciences and politics. Professionals of public health utilize latest knowledge and techniques to anticipate and prevent future health issues. Public health also involve in implementation of such strategies and policies to identify and resolve health problems. It has been widely accepted public health is global issues and will become even more in current and coming era due to interconnectedness of different nations through modern communications sources that  increase the need to address  epidemics of communicable and non- communicable disease. Therefore public health profession is to address the problem of health, social political and economic factors that have impact on community health measures.