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Department of Medical Lab Technology

Research & Publications

List of Publications
Dr Sadiq Noor Khan:

  • Khan, S. N., S. Neimann, M. Gulfraz, M. Qayyum, S. Siddiqi, Z. S. Mirza, S. Tahsin, M. Ebrahimi-Rad and A. Khanum. Molecular Characterization of Multidrug-Resistant Isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Patients in Punjab, Pakistan. Pak. J. Zool., vol. 45(1), pp. 93-100, 2013. (Impact factor: 0.338 )
  • Ashraf, S., M. A. N. Saqib, M. Z. Sharif, A. A. Khattak, S. N. Khan, S. A. Malik, S. Tahseen, A. Khanum. Evaluation of diagnostic potential of Rv3803c and Rv2626c recombinant antigens in TB endemic country Pakistan. J. Immunoassay and Immunochemistry, (DOI: 10.1080/15321819.2013.824897 2012) (Impact Factor: 0.727)
  • Khan. N.,S. T. Hussain, A. Saboor, N. Jamila, S. N. Khan  and K. S. Kim. 2013. Chemical Investigation of the Drinking Water Sources from Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. World Applied Sciences Journal 27 (1): 112-122.
  • Jamila. N., S. N. Khan  and N. Khan. 2014. Chemical Constituents from the Bark of Garcinia hombroniana Pierre and Their Biological Activities. Rec. Nat. Prod. 8: 312-316 (Impact Factor: 1.560).
  • Jamila. N., S. N. Khan  and N. Khan. 2013. Complete NMR assignments of bioactive rotameric (3→8) biflavonoids from the bark of Garcinia hombroniana. Megnetic Resonance In Chemistry (Accepted) IF: 1.528
  • Jamila. N., Khairuddean. M. H. Osman, N. N. Syazni, N. M. Kama, N. S. Yaacob and S.N. Khan. 2014. Cytotoxic benzophenone and triterpene from Garcinia hombroniana. (Submitted to Bioorganic Chemistry-Accepted) IF:1.747

Dr.Darima Ashfaq:

  • Darima Habib, Ch. Mohd. Fayyaz and Mohd Zia. (2014).The Study of Ascorbate Peroxidase, Catalase and Peroxidase During In Vitro Regeneration of Argyrolobium roseum. Appl. Biochem and Biotechnol.172(2):1070-84.(IF:1.90).
  • Syeda Asma Bano, Darima Ashfaq (2013). Role of mycorrhiza to reduce heavy metal stress. 5(12A): 16-20 (IF:0.5).
  • Darima Habib, Ch. M.Fayyaz and Mohd Zia. Activities of nitrogen assimilating enzymes under in vitro conditions of HepG12 cell lines.(submitted). 
  • Y. BibiZia, M.Nisa, S.Darima Habib, Waheed, A  and Fayyaz M Chaudhary (2011). Regeneration of Centella asiatica  from non-embryogenic cell lines and evaluation of antibacterial and antifungal properties of regenerated calli. Journal of Biological Engineering (JBE):5-13 (IF: 3.14).  

Dr.Aamer Ali Khattak:

  • Aamer A Khattak, Meera Venkatesan, Lubna Khatoon, Amed Ouattara, Leo J Kenefic, Muhammad F Nadeem, Farida Nighat, Salman A Malik, Christopher V Plowe.Prevalence and patterns of antifolate and chloroquine drug resistance markers in Plasmodium vivax across Pakistan.Malaria Journal 2013, 12:310 (5 September 2013)
  •  Aamer A Khattak, Meera Venkatesan, Christopher G Jacob, Elena M Artimovich, Muhammad F Nadeem, Farida Nighat, Francis Hombhanje, Toshihiro Mita, Salman A Malik, Christopher V Plowe.A comprehensive survey of polymorphisms conferring anti-malarial resistance in Plasmodium falciparum across Pakistan. Malaria Journal 2013, 12:300 (29 August 2013)
  • Aamer A Khattak, Meera Venkatesan, Muhammad F Nadeem, Humayoon S Satti, Adnan Yaqoob, Kathy Strauss, Lubna Khatoon, Salman A Malik, Christopher V Plowe. Prevalence and distribution of human Plasmodium infection in Pakistan. Malaria Journal 2013, 12:297 (28 August 2013)
  •  Ashraf Sajjad, saqib muhammad Arif nadeem, sharif mirza Zahid, sadiq muhammad, Khattak Aamer Ali, Malik  Salman Akbar, khanum Azra. Evaluation of diagnostic potential of acute and latent stage TB specific antigens. 30th IFBLS World Congress, 18 - 22 August 2012 Berlin, Germany
  •  Khan J.K., Hameed A,  Munim M.R., Bhatti M., Khattak A.A., Usman M., Nadeem M.F., Satti H.S., Munir M.2010. Evaluation of the Performance of Two Rapid Immunochromatographic Tests for Detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Anti HCV Antibodies Using Elisa Tested Samples. special edition annals (KEMU) vol 16. no.1 jan. - mar. 2010.
  • Awan, I N., Rizvi, S.K.A.., Sadiq, M.A.N., Shahzad,M.I., Khattak,A.A., Tahseen,S.,Khan,I H.,Ravindran., Leuciew, P.A. and Khanum,A. 2011.Expression and Purification of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (M.TB) Antigens for use in immuno assay for serodetection of  M.TB infection in TB patients.pak.j.zool.43.

Mr. Farrukh Javed:

  • Noreen Aurangzeb, Sobia Nisa, Yameen Bibi, Farakh Javed, farrukh Hussain (2014). Phytoremediation potential of aquatic herbs from steel foundry effluent. Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering. University of Haripur. (Impact: 0.894) Accepted.
  • Muhammad Imran, Sobia Manzoor, Nasir Muhammad Khattak, Muqddas Tariq, Madiha Khalid, Farakh Javed, Shameem Bhatti (2014). Correlations of OAS1 gene polymorphism at exon 7 splice acceptor site with interferon based therapy of HCV infection in Pakistan. Journal of Viral Immunology (Impact: 1.67) Accepted
  • Farakh Javed, Huma Tariq, Fahed parvaiz, Muhammad Bilal, Naghmana Kanwal and Sobia Manzoor (2013). Amplification and cloning of entire structural genome (Core-E2) of Hepatitis C virus. Nust journal on Natural Sciences.
  • Fahed Parvaiz, Sobia Manzoor, Jawed Iqbal, Steven McRae, Farakh Javed, Qazi Laeeque Ahmed, Gulam Waris (2013). Hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 5A favors upregulation of gluconeogenic and lipogenic gene expression leading towards insulin resistance: a metabolic syndrome. Archives of Virology. (Impact: 2.03)
  • Huma Tariq, Sobia Manzoor, Fahed Parvaiz, Farakh Javed, Kaneez Fatima and Ishtiaq Qadri (2012). An overview: In vitro models of HCV replication in different cell cultures.Journal of infection, genetics and evolution (Impact: 3.039)
  • Fahed Parvaiz, Sobia Manzoor, Huma Tariq, Farakh Javed, Kaneez Fatima and Ishtiaq Qadri. Hepatitis C Virus (2011). Infection: Molecular Pathways to Insulin resistance. Virology Journal (Impact: 2.09)
  • Muhammad Faheem, Ummar Raheel, Muhammad Nasir Riaz, Naghmana Kanwal, Farakh Javed, Najam us Sahar Sadaf Zaidi and Ishtiaq Qadri (2011). A molecular evaluation of Dengue virus pathogenesis & its latest vaccine strategies. Molecular Biology Reports. (Impact: 2.506)
  • Najam us sahar sadaf zaidi, Naghmana kanwal, Awaisa ghazal, Farakh javed and Ishtiaq Qadri (2011). Phylogenetic and structural analysis HCV non-structural protein 4A from Pakistani patient. Virus Genes (Impact: 1.76)
  • Ummar Raheel, Muhammad Faheem, Muhammad Nasir Riaz, Naghmana Kanwal, Farakh Javed, Najam us Sahar Sadaf Zaidi and Ishtiaq Qadri (2011). Dengue fever in Indian subcontinent. Journal of Infectious Diseases.