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Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics

Vision & Mission

  • To communicate the beauty, utility, and excitement of Mathematics and to be at the frontiers of new discoveries;
  • To develop state of the art research environment both in pure and applied Mathematics within the department; 
  • To encourage students in the belief that they gain most from the university experience by developing self-discipline, self-reliance and under appropriately supervised conditions, by giving full rein to their own creativity;
  • To embrace the notion that change such as is manifested in computer technology and educational reform can be beneficial, enhance learning and enrich the intellectual environment;
  • To be a resource in the Mathematical sciences for other disciplines whose own activities have an ever-increasing need for the power of Mathematics;
  • To work closely, not only with colleagues from other disciplines within the University, but also with colleagues from the local schools and community colleges who share the responsibility of ensuring the flow of a Mathematically literate and confident generation of new students;