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Faculty Member Profile (The University of Haripur)

Mr. Mehmood Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Department of Information Technology
Tel: +92995615395
University of Haripur (
Software Engineering
PhD (Pursuing)
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Mr. Mehmood Ahmed is pursuing his PhD (Software Engineering ) from International Islamic University Islamabad . He completed his MS(CS) specialization in Software Engineering from Iqra University Islamabad. He is assocaited with Department of Information Technology ,  University of Haripur as Assistant Professor since Septemeber 2013.  He is teaching various courses related with computer science and software engineering. He is also serving Internal Controller of  the Examination and Incharge Co-curricular activities . He also served University of Haripur as Lecturer and Development Team member for 2 years. His prime interests are Software Requirement Engineering & Software Effort Estimation.

1. Software Requirement Engineering

2. Software Effort Estimation


[1]  A Hybrid Model for Agile Practices Using Case Based Reasoning” IEEE 4th  International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS2013) May 23-25, 2013, Beijing, China. ISBN :.( HEC Recognized).


[2]   “A Systematic Approach for  Web Engineering Practices by Integrating Data Mining Technique with Requirement Change Management”IEEE 4th International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS2013) May 23-25, 2013,Beinjing ,China. ISBN:.(HEC Recognized).


[3]” Comparative Study of Traditional Requirement Engineering and Agile Requirement Engineering” The 15th International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT 2013) Jan 27 – 30, 2013, Phoenix Park, Pyeong Chang, Korea. Page Number: 1006~1014,ISBN: 978-89-968650-0-1(HEC Recognized).


[4] “A Requirement Change Management Framework for Distributed Software Environment” 7th International Conference on Advancements in Computing Technology, ICACT2012 Dec.3-5, 2012, Seoul, Korea. : ISBN: 978-89-94364-21-6 (HEC Recognized).

1. Software Engineering I

2. Software Engineering II

3. Software Project Management

4. Software Requirement Engineering

5. Operating System

6. Theory of Automata & Formal Lamguages

1. Systems Analyst in ACES

2. Qullity Assurance in ACES

3. IT Development Team member in University of Haripur