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Faculty Member Profile (The University of Haripur)

Mr. Mohammad Jehangir
Department of Soil Science
Tel: 03328926383
University of Haripur (
Soil and Water Management
MS (University of Western Australia)
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MS Soil Science, University of Western Australia

MSc (Hons) Agriculture, Water Management, Agricultural Unviersity Peshawar

FSc, Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad

  • Soil erosion from diffenrent land uses (Agriculture, Forest, Range and Degraded) in Hilkot watershed.
  • Comparison of soil losses from different land uses in Hindu-Kush Himalaya region (China, India, Nepal and Pakistan)
  • Sedimentation and conveyance losses in Chistian sub-division.
  • Soil erosion model, data generation and application in Sharkul watershed.
  • Water Harvesting techniques in a mountain watershed, Malokra, Mansehra - A case study with Department of Water Management, Agricultural University Peshawar and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.

Jehangir, M., S. Zokaib, J. Merz, B.S. Dongol and P.K. Verma 2005. Assessment of Runoff and Soil loss from the selected watersheds in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region. Sarhad J. Agric. Vol 21 (3) pp.437-444.

Sarwar, T., M. Jehangir, and M.J.Khan. 2001. Effect of watercourse maintenance and variable discharges on conveyance losses and water distribution, Sarhad J.  Agric. Vol. 17(3). pp. 387-394.

Zokaib.S., T. Sarwar, and M. Jehangir  2005. Study of stage-discharge relationship and stream erosion in Sub-catchments of Hilkot watershed (Mansehra) J. eng. & appl. sci. vol. 24 No.1 53-57

Zokaib.S., M. Jehangir, H. Shah, J. Merz and R. White 2005. Measurement and distribution of runoff and soil losses from selected watersheds in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, Vol. 8(3) pp. 1-7

Lecturer, Department of Agriculture, Hazara University, Haripur, Pakistan

From 28th February 2011 to July 2012                                                                                   

Lecturer, Department of Agriculture, University of Haripur, Haripur, Pakistan

From July 2012 to date

Consultant (Dept. of Water Management)    4 months

Worked as consultant in the Water Harvesting Project, sponsored by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD-Nepal) from July 01, 1998 to October 30, 1998. This study was executed by Department of Water Management, NWFP, Agricultural University Peshawar. 

Hydrologist (Pakistan Forest Institute/ICIMOD/PARDYP-Pakistan)                     7 years

Worked as Hydrologist in People and Resource Dynamics Project (PARDYP), PARDYP is a watershed research for development project.

I was engaged with this Project since 1st November 1998 to 20th January, 2006. My responsibilities were to monitor the research network. The network consists of five hydrological stations, six meteorological stations and four erosion plots. In this respect,  had considerable contacts with the local readers and station monitors, who I train and supervise. Furthermore,  also charged with introducing initiative targeted at improving water management, such as improved irrigation efficiency and water harvesting.

As a Site Incharge in the project my duties were to look after all the project activities, administration, finalizing quarterly and annual progress reports, arranging different sort of trainings for the farmers and managing finance matters. I also have the experience of working as Acting Country Coordinator, PARDYP-Pakistan for one and half a month February-March 2003, looking after all the project’s activities. Also attended planning and operational meetings of country coordinators in Kathmandu-Nepal as Site Incharge and Country Coordinator, in which strategies were developed for the next phase of People and Resource Dynamics Project in Hindu-Kush Himalaya.

Assistant Regional Manager (Water Resources)      UNDP             2 Years

I worked for the project of Mass Awareness for Water Conservation (MAWCD) from 7th February 2009 to 31 December, 2010. The project was executed by Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources and financed by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Ministry of Science and Technology. As a Manager I was responsible to manage activities to disseminate awareness about water conservation and development at agricultural, domestic and industrial level.