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UOH Admissions Fall 2021

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 Last date to Apply Online for All BS Programs Admissions Fall 2021 is extended till 28th September 2021. All the students who already applied for BS Programs need to upload F.A/F.Sc Marks on their portal before the deadline.

 Entry Test for M.Phil & Ph.D Programs Phase-III will be conducted on 27th September 2021

 Admissions Announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/Certificate/Diploma/M.Phil/MS & Ph.D Programs (Admissions Fall 2021)


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Chairman Message

Mathematics has played and is playing a vital role in the rapidly changing world of Science and Technology. Thanks to the modern technology through which we can exploit the worldwide network of seismic sensors to predict earthquakes, an advance over biology and medicine, through data mining discover the patterns and structures hidden in different collections and import the satellite data to detect terrorists events before they happen. Scientists in all fields of research use Mathematics to analyze their data, within a computer almost always involves Mathematics. Through mathematical calculations and measurements, engineers and architects ensure that the buildings and structures they build are safe. That’s why Mathematics is taught at every level of education. Our Department provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers different aspects of mathematics and various streams of study to cater for the diverse career goals of the students.



Dr. Muhammad Shahzad
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Haripur.