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UOH Admissions Spring 2023

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 Admissions announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/M.Sc (Hons)/MS/M.Phil/Ph.D Programs (Admissions Spring 2023).


Department of Islamic & Religious Studies

Programs Offered

Department is offering following programs:

BS Islamic & Religious Studies

  • FA/F.Sc, Shadah Al Khaasa (from Wifaq ul Madaris) with al least 2nd Division


  • The Master in Islamic Studies consists of four teaching semesters. Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerat, Arabic, History and other basic subjects of Islamic Studies are taught in these four semesters. At the end the students have to write a thesis as well.
  • The eligibility criteria for the admission in MA are Bachelors with at least second division.

M. Phil

  • M. Phil in Islamic Studies consists of 50 credit hours. It has a teaching of two semesters which carries 24 CHs and the research thesis has 26 CHs. In total eleven subjects are taught including Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic/English, Semitic and Non Semitic Religions, History, Seerat and Research Methodology etc.
  • The eligibility criteria for M. Phil are Masters in Islamic Studies with at least second division and GRE General Test.


  • PhD in Islamic Studies comprises of 18 teaching credit hours. The main teaching subjects are Quran and its principles, Hadith and its principles, Islamic Jurisprudence, Comparative Study of the Juristic Schools of thought, The matic and textual study of the Holy Scriptures and Theology and Polemics.
  • The eligibility criteria for the admission are PhD is M. Phil in Islamic Studies and the GRE subject test.